Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So, what if flowers could fly?

                                        Flowers have wings too!  So, what if they could fly?

I asked myself that question one day and as I contemplated just how I could pull it off artistically and make it seem real, this is what I came up with.  It doesn't hurt to let your imagination run wild, like a child, occasionally.  There were several other ideas, but this one was great for starters.

This collage' is an acrylic landscape on canvas.  The flowers are real, I actually picked them from a field and pressed them.  They came from Eagleville, Tennessee and have moved with me a few times, staying pressed between the pages of a book, laying quietly until their time to fly and live again.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a breath of life and let them grace us all with their presence once again.

The flowers are glued onto the canvas using Modge Podge.

I didn't have to do anything to the flowers I made the butterfly out of (or maybe it would be considered more of a moth).  I just trimmed the rest of the stem off to help it lay down flat and arranged four flowers with the two at the top as exact to each other as I could find and the same for the two at the bottom of the butterfly.

It was basically already done for me, just actually acting on the idea was the the part I played.  And playing it was.  I was thinking while designing it how it just all seemed to fit together.  Because butterfly's are just flowers that can fly. 
Paint some sunshine today!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paint your own Sunshine

In this world full of people who have no respect for our children, there should be a place they can go to find peace, joy and love.  Sometimes, for some children, that place can only be found in their imagination.  It's sad to think about it, but it is reality.

By creating art to motivate positive thoughts, I hope to be able to brighten up a child's life, to spark positive and pleasant thoughts and to help them realize that there is a place to go to get away from the pain they may be enduring.  There are good things and wonderful people in the world, but some children haven't seen much of that.  In the process, there just might be a chance that as an adult walks by and catches a glimpse of this encouragement in the form of art or words, he or she might remember what a child's life is suppose to be like, causing them to want to make a difference.

Shouldn't we want to be encouraging to children?  There are many wonderful and positive opportunities in this world.  Sadly, we hear about the bad more than the good.  Possibly that's why I felt the tug to promote more good, share some wonderful and uplifting ideas, help to bring a smile to someone's day.  Art is what God has chosen to give me, so I'm thinking I should use it, for Him, for good.

Paint some sunshine.

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