Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Free Art or Craft or whatever it is!


So I have a little bit of a difficult time deciding what the results of my ideas actually are.  What would you consider this particular piece to be?  Is it art or is it actually a craft?  Do you think it would fall into the collage’ category?

I’ll tell you a thing or two about it so you can answer the question and possibly win it, that is if you think you might like to have it.

This is a wood frame made from stretcher strips.  Stretcher strips are normally used to stretch canvas on to paint a picture.  You can buy these canvas’ already made.  But of course being “a bit different” I like them so much, I use them for frames.  You can get them in so many sizes, precut.  What I love most though is the way the natural wood shows through when I paint them.

I paint the wood with a very watered down acrylic paint.  In fact sometimes I can’t tell I’m putting anything on the wood but water, so I’ll add a little more paint to it, but not much.  Then I keep layering it on til I get the look I want.  Some lighter colors cover up the wood grain when you try to get the color to show up.  I like to keep it thin so I can see the wood.  It’s just natural and beautiful to me.  If you'd like to try some stretcher strips for yourself, click the link below.

Fredrix Stretcher Strip 10 Inch Single Strip

Ok, so I found some screen wire one day while I was out shopping.  It’s not the kind of screen my grandmother had on her screen door, it’s softer and it doesn’t prick your finger.  I thought I could sure use it to play with some kind of craft.  I got it and have been dying to sew on it.  Painting on this screen wire was not something I thought I could do and the paint actually stay.  But it does.  So I used paper doilies and a butterfly cut out of paper as stencils and decorated the screen wire.

Behind the screen I put some painted paint sticks.  Now that is what you ordinarily use to stir large pails of paint.  But when I thought of several things I could do with them, I just ordered about 500 sticks and I am so enjoying using them.  I have made stars for decorations,  painted pictures on them, a friend of mine made the sticks look like snowmen, I made a calendar holder and used them to write scripture verses on.  I even cut some and put them in a sewing hoop.  I’ve been having a blast with them.  See for yourself just how economical and versatile they are, if you'd like to try some just click the link below.

Perfect Stix PAINT9 Birchwood Paint Paddle Stick, 9" Length (Pack of 100)

So that’s basically what this particular piece is made with, paint, stencils, stretcher strips and paint sticks.  What would you say it is?  Is it art or is it a craft?

Oh yeah, I did sew a button on it.  I won’t go into how much I love buttons, but I did sew on it after all.

If you have read all the way down to here, thanks!  It is amazing that I have kept your attention this long, but I just might have something for you, to make it worth your while.  I would like to give this piece away.  I like giving things away and I have to face the fact that, if I don’t give things away, my house gets kind of cluttered.  I don’t have a shop so this one is on me.

Just send me an email at, put “giveaway” in the subject line and tell me what you think this is, art, craft or what?  On December 31, 2013 I’ll have my grand daughter pick a name for the winner.  I won’t even charge shipping.  That really irritates me when someone says it’s free and then you have to pay shipping and handling, then that’s not free.  But this is, Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Art: Flag on cheesecloth




I wanted to share this interesting technique with you. The overall affect is quite pleasing to the eye in my opinion.  It is a perfect setting for our a tattered American flag.

All you need is….

1.  Paint sticks (or some sort of flat surface to attach your cheesecloth to).

2.  Cheesecloth (enough to cover the surface and wrap around the back).

3.  Sewing hoop 

4.  Gesso

5.  Acrylic paint

6.  Mod Podge (or your favorite glue sealer)

7.  Frame (I used painted stretcher strips)

As I was working on this picture I was thinking about the blood that has continually been shed in the name of “freedom” throughout our history.  You can begin reading of the blood shed for freedom in God’s Word.  The ultimate blood shed was Christ on the cross.  This blood shed freed us from laws we could not keep.  No matter how hard we try, we are humans, not perfect like God, so we will always fail.  But God made a way for us to be free.  His Son Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for us. 

Throughout history men have shed blood for the right to be free, to live and worship as they believed.  That is what the flag represents to me, freedom.

Try your hand at duplicating this project, all you have to do is……………………

1.  Place your cheesecloth in the sewing hoop, pull gently to tighten, close the sewing hoop.

2.  Apply the gesso to the area where you are going to paint on, thicker specifically in the focal point area.

3.  Once dry, (I let mine set for several days), use a watery acrylic to paint your design.

4.  When dry, gently remove the cheesecloth from the sewing hoop and lay on the flat surface of your choosing.  Position it where you would like it to be and seal with the decopauge technique.  You’ll have to use gently strokes on the parts of the cloth there is not much gesso on.

5.  Once your sealer is, dry frame it and your done.

If you try painting something else besides a flag, I’d like to see what you come up with.  Here’s the picture after it was framed.


DSCF1471 (2)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Art: God’s Incredible Sky



Of all the different things I admire in God’s Creation, the sky has to be the one scene that constantly takes my breath away.  No matter what time of the day or the weather, the sky always seems to have a mysterious magnificence about it.  I love to put the sky in my paintings, it’s a personal thing for me.  It makes me feel like I am including God.

Most of all though, taking God’s Word literally, this is where we will see Him return, the sky.  We are suppose to be watching. 

Isn’t it wonderful that He gave us such a beautiful view to look at while watching for His return.  And if it takes our breath away now, imagine when we see Him coming for us!