Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art: God’s Amazing Creation


You might look at this painting of a sailfish and pick it completely apart, but for me, I am amazed.
I know that I couldn’t have done such a painting as this if it had not been for the Ultimate Creator.  He is the one who gave us such beauty to look at and enjoy.  Without this fish, this water, the amazing sky He created, I never would have been able to accomplish this piece on my own.
Nature is such a miraculous thing.  I am so thankful for God giving it to us.  I am thankful for more reasons than just admiring the beauty of it all and learning from it, I get to use it for subjects to paint.  I know there are others out there who see the awesome beauty in nature and how God speaks to us through it’s beauty.  I wonder though, am I doing anything with my art to help reach those who might not know who God is, or that may have strayed away from Him somehow?
After all it is God’s Creation that I am trying to duplicate here.  It those who aren’t fortunate enough to ever get to see a scene like this in reality, I wonder if seeing this picture would awe them, maybe just a little.
I try to recreate a nature scene as best I can as it would look in reality.  Now I know that is impossible, all I can do is try. 
My hope is that someone, somewhere might take a look at this painting and one thought come to mind; God is the Creator.
I know that I can never duplicate any of God’s creation with the magnificence and beauty that He has done, but I can try.
As a matter of fact, it is quite amazing to me that I can do this.  I’m just me, I have the desire to serve the Lord through my painting, I have the passion for the beauty.  God is giving me the skills as I attempt to be an artist for the Lord, teaching myself as He holds my hand.
I am not outspoken, I am a pretty quite person.  I wondered how I could serve the Lord and witness for Him.  He gave me art.
I thank Him and will continue to learn and grow as an artist in hopes that someday, somewhere He will use something I have painted to touch a heart.