Sunday, January 3, 2016

Coloring Book Inspiration -- The Business of Art

I received some adult coloring books for Christmas.  I wondered if I could do what was suggested to me, that was, relax and just color.

Well, I couldn't do that.  I was inspired somewhat by the idea of drawing my own therapeutic art, so three days later I have...............


And it took a few hours to scan, upload and put the drawing on products in my store.

Hearts and Flowers
I put these drawings on some products that people could color themselves.


I just couldn't resist putting a touch of color in it myself.

Needless to say the de-stressing exercise someone thoughtfully gave to me turned into many hours of inspiration.  Although I didn't color a page in any of the books.  I was definitely inspired to draw.

Take a look at the products I was able to put the drawings on that others could actually color for themselves because they are made of cotton or canvas.

Color Me Stuff
Color Me Stuff
by Teresa owner: Southern Sky Studio

And then I thought if I could get inspired just by looking at the drawings in the adult coloring book, then someone else might just feel the therapeutic effects too.  So I put the drawings on other products where they would have to remain just black and white.  If you'd like to see them, click below.

Art Therapy Designs
Art Therapy Designs
by Teresa owner: Southern Sky Studio

Here is a really neat greeting card idea.  Take a look at these below.  You could make some of these yourself to give to a friend.  A gift and card all in one.

Now, if I could just figure out how to make an adult coloring book of my own.  Think I'll work on that next.  Let's face it, you know if you want to make anything of yourself you have to constantly be thinking of ways to do it.  If artists want to make money, making art (before we die) we have to get the work out there. Sometimes the business side of art can eat up more hours in the day than making the actual art.

I just keep telling myself, keep on plugging, keep on drawing, painting, learning and someday it will happen.  Besides I'm enjoying trying.

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