Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recreating Autumn’s Glory


DSCF2271 (800x262)


Even when you hear it said that the artist just paints for him or herself, they still have to be pleased with the piece before it is finished.  The vision must be represented to their satisfaction or either it is not finished, it goes in the closet or they work on it again at a later date to try to reach the goal with that particular work.

As an artist I take my work very seriously, there is such passion and determination in each piece I paint or draw.  There is a strong desire to represent God’s Creation in a beautiful way.  I’m sure most every one that has that creative drive strives to represent their vision, cause, or whatever they are working on or for at the moment in a pleasing way. 

With so much negative in the world, bringing out the beauty and positive energy in each piece seems to be the goal I strive for.  Seeing a smile come across a face when someone looks at the paintings, drawings or collage’ I have poured myself into is one of the greatest payoffs.

My desire is that the art I make speaks of God and represents Him well.  Like those who want to spread His Word vocally, I attempt to spread His Word through painting and sharing the wondrous creation He made for us.  God made us in His likeness, He is the Creator, so we should be attempting to create too.  Creating is actually something from nothing and there is only One that could, can and ever will be able to do that.  So, actually, I am attempting to recreate as best I can with the tools and talent He has given me. That is my mission, my goal.

Even evil has to be given tools to work with.  Many times the same tools used to make evil are tools that can also be used for good. It’s not the absence of evil, but the overwhelming quantity of good that can make the difference in our lives and in the world.

James 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

This piece “Autumn Glory” was inspired by the beauty of God’s Creation. It is an attempt to capture that glorious light of our Father and the beauty with the autumn colors.  Realizing that any attempt to recreate the Creator’s beauty is feeble and a goal that cannot be attained shouldn’t keep us from trying.  He wants us to be like Him in all areas of our lives, so we try.  We try using whatever talents and gifts He has given us as individuals.

What is your voice?  Mine is visual, painting and drawing to share the beauty of this world He gave us.

I hope you enjoy this piece, hope it brings a smile to your face and most of all, that it resembles the beauty God has given us enough that you think of Him.  And thank Him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

God’s Great Gallery




Really, no other gallery matters does it?  All the art work I do can go ignored on this earth if that is the way it is to be.  But I am closest to God when I am painting.  Because when I paint, I think, I pray, I meditate on things above.  I ask God to help me as an artist, as a person, to show me what His purpose is for me, to use me to glorify Him in some way.  The only way I can even imagine is through my art, so that’s the direction I am taking.

If He chooses to give me another way, a better way, then I have to be ready.


DSCF1956 (800x685)

As I was working on trying to improve this painting, I was thinking about what I would like my life to be about.  This is what I came up with.


My paintbrush is my heart,

my imagination, my palette,

my purpose is God’s will,

my prayer, to glorify God,

my goal is to spread His Word,

my destiny, I will exhibit some day in God’s Great Gallery.

Written by Teresa Haynes Johnson


And so I plopped it right here on this painting to show the world how I feel and who I want to become.

godgallery (800x652)


I hope you enjoyed my artist thoughts today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Starting off 2015 Western Style

DSCF2247 (2)
I procrastinated several days before starting this one.  It was lined up to be the next painting I worked on, but I was waiting on the new year so it would be the first of 2015.  Then when the first day of the year rolled in, I seemed to have found yet another reason not to start the painting.

When you deal with a lack of confidence the way I do, procrastination is either your best friend or your enemy.  Which ever way you choose to look at it I suppose.  In a way I think it’s manipulation of yourself.  Putting off your goals, your fears and ultimately your success.

Instead of looking at each piece as a learning experience in technique and subject matter, I’m going to look at it as an exercise in building self confidence.  How do I do that?  Beats me, but it’s worth a try.

Part of being successful at anything is making mistakes and learning from them.  Finding the error of your ways and correcting them.  I can see several things that need to be corrected in this piece along with getting it closer to completion.

So as I labored with my lack of confidence and poor planning, hours into the painting I had this…….

DSCF2251 (762x800)

So the picture was cut completely in half by land and sky.  Not a good idea.  When I got to looking at all the area I was going to have to fill up with blades of grass, I got really tired.  That’s when I knew I should stop for the day.  “I’ll tackle that after a good nights sleep”. (More procrastination?  Or maybe finally a bit of wisdom.)  Only this would have never happened if I’d planned a bit better.

DSCF2254 (800x800)

One million blades of grass later, a few weeds here and there, a few touch ups, oh and also some after thought embellishments I finally had a finished piece.


This painting was most definitely a labor of love.  Love of the process of art and the beauty of God’s creation, the desire to please the customer and to grow as an artist.

Not sure if this has boosted my self confidence though.