Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Starting off 2015 Western Style

DSCF2247 (2)
I procrastinated several days before starting this one.  It was lined up to be the next painting I worked on, but I was waiting on the new year so it would be the first of 2015.  Then when the first day of the year rolled in, I seemed to have found yet another reason not to start the painting.

When you deal with a lack of confidence the way I do, procrastination is either your best friend or your enemy.  Which ever way you choose to look at it I suppose.  In a way I think it’s manipulation of yourself.  Putting off your goals, your fears and ultimately your success.

Instead of looking at each piece as a learning experience in technique and subject matter, I’m going to look at it as an exercise in building self confidence.  How do I do that?  Beats me, but it’s worth a try.

Part of being successful at anything is making mistakes and learning from them.  Finding the error of your ways and correcting them.  I can see several things that need to be corrected in this piece along with getting it closer to completion.

So as I labored with my lack of confidence and poor planning, hours into the painting I had this…….

DSCF2251 (762x800)

So the picture was cut completely in half by land and sky.  Not a good idea.  When I got to looking at all the area I was going to have to fill up with blades of grass, I got really tired.  That’s when I knew I should stop for the day.  “I’ll tackle that after a good nights sleep”. (More procrastination?  Or maybe finally a bit of wisdom.)  Only this would have never happened if I’d planned a bit better.

DSCF2254 (800x800)

One million blades of grass later, a few weeds here and there, a few touch ups, oh and also some after thought embellishments I finally had a finished piece.


This painting was most definitely a labor of love.  Love of the process of art and the beauty of God’s creation, the desire to please the customer and to grow as an artist.

Not sure if this has boosted my self confidence though.