Canvas Art

I'm partial to painting on wood, but I haven't yet bit the bullet to buy the wood panels artists paint on.  The barn wood has been free for me and it was an attempt at doing something out of the box.

But I do occasionally like the feel of canvas:

Hope on a Cloudy Day - acrylic on canvas - 2015

Here is a landscape on canvas that I thoroughly enjoyed painting in acrylic.

                                                                "Beyond Slavery"


After several intense pieces I felt the need to relax a bit.  So I worked on some flowers with the intent on keeping it light, airy and happy.   Here's what came of that.............




And this is really one of my favorites because it has my butterfly collection in it.  I have always loved butterfly's, so as I would see them lying there lifeless I would pick them up, take them home and put them in a glass jar.  Some were given to me too.

As I worked on the background of this painting I was curious about what I could come up with to make it just a bit more intriguing.  You guessed it, my butterfly's.

After the majority of the painting was done, I added the butterfly's using tweezers and knife.  Any parts that were missing I painted on the canvas to make them whole again.

I like to think that these butterfly's have gained some sort of new life.  Even though they are lifeless, they are still spreading beauty and joy.

                                                            "Among the Flowers"



This little piece was quite interesting.  I found that stretching lace over my canvas and then painting my picture over it gave it a bit more interest.  There's not much way though to put any detail in your work.  I still was inspired to work on the idea.



Not quite sure if you'd call this an actual canvas as we know it, but to me anything with a blank area is a canvas.  This is actually burlap, loosely woven, treated with gesso.  I was just playing around and experimenting with it, so I took my water color pencils and scratched a bit of color here and there, used a slightly dampened brush and there we have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

                                                                  "Three Crosses"



I am a self-taught artist, so I haven't stopped trying different things.  I learn something new each time I read or sit down to paint, play or experiment.  So keep in touch, there's no telling what strange idea might pop into my head next.

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