Artist Introduction

Acrylic on stretched canvas

Hi, I'm an artist.  I can say that now because recently I had ten pieces accepted into an Artisan Market.  So, that kind of made me feel like maybe I had a chance.  I love to paint things that will make someone smile and spark a moment of appreciation for what God has given us or just inspire us to be more positive about our surroundings and ourselves.

Acrylic on barn wood from Tennessee

Until 2010 any art I was able to accomplish was just to make ends meet.  But because of the need to feed the family I was pushed and challenged to work on subjects and use mediums I may have never tried.  This resulted in the ability to use various mediums and work in many subject areas as well.  So it was a good thing.

Colored pencil blended with rubbing alcohol on wood panel

At the moment, I am enjoying the freedom to use mediums I'm partial to and paint what inspires me.  You will find pencil, acrylics, watercolor pencil, colored pencil, oils and pastels in a wide range of subjects and sometimes with an unconventional touch.

Gray, black and white acrylic on wood slats

Speaking of being a bit unconventional at times, I have my favorite canvas to be wood, preferably old barn wood.  But you will also discover my work on canvas, wood slats and various artist boards and papers.

Pastel on matte board

I have always loved the softness of pencil.  Pencil has a tranquilizing effect itself and with the right subject can make a statement to those viewing it.

Pencil on Bristol board


It's interesting to take the same subject and turn it into a painting.

Acrylic on barn wood


One of my favorite things to do, but not always possible, is to add reality to my paintings.  I mean, literally.  The painting below has real butterfly wings in it.  After painting the background, I went to my butterfly and moth collection.  I dissected the wings from their lifeless bodies and carefully placed them onto the painting.  With a few blades of grass added after applying the butterflies, it gives a bit of a 3D effect.  I thought maybe I played my part in giving them another life for us all to enjoy again.

Acrylic and real butterfly wings on stretched canvas


I also love to make happy illustrations for children to hang in their rooms.  I love being a part of creating something that will inspire and encourage a child.

Water color pencil, marker and acrylic on illustration board

Water color pencil on burlap


A couple more unconventional experimental pieces:

Water color pencil and marker on lace stretched over canvas

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