Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Art: God is Always There

As I worked on this painting, putting little dots of fall colors in the trees, I thought of moments in our lives that God has blessed us.  Each dot that is suppose to represent the leaves also represented to me, memorial moments God has given to me.  For times in our lives where memories are all we have of some of the people we love, we do at least have our memories.

While placing each little leaf on each tree, the bright leaves made me think of the wonderful times with each of my children.  As I put the darker colored leaves on the trees,  I thought of sad or stressful times in my life I wish sometimes I could forget.  I tend to dwell on the darker times, but as I painted each leaf, I realized that there are just as many great and wonderful memories as there were, not so wonderful memories.

So I asked myself why would I dwell on the negative?  The negative makes the positive all the more better and all the more brighter and all the more wonderful.  Even though, as I looked at the outcome with quite a bit of dark, it is overcome with a beautiful veil of the sky.  This bright sky makes me think of how God is there all the time.  We are so busy looking at all the moments and letting the negative take us over that we forget, He is always there, hovering over all those moments and loving us.  We forget to look up and remember that He is in control.  All the bright and dark leaves are necessary in our lives.  Mixed together they make a beautiful landscape, a beautiful life that God gives to all of us.  The striking contrast in the sky against the land still all blend together to make one wonderful life with God in it and in control of it all.

So don’t forget to look up, thank God, look at the bright side.  No matter how many dark leaves there have been in your life, there are still the bright ones to dwell on and be thankful for.  There is still that bright and wonderful sky, God is still there, always there, blending it all together for good.

Back to the Art
So here’s the dilemma with my painting.  Maybe you can help me.  It seems I am always doing something, out of the ordinary,  not the standard, traditional way others have always done it.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.  And so I have this…………………

I have a pretty picture that probably should have been on canvas, but I wanted to put it on wood (paint sticks) and in a frame I would paint myself (stretcher strips).

Here is the finished product.

Have a lovely day.

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