Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Free From the Cocoon

Listening to Beth Moore this morning about law and grace made me, once again, compare our spiritual lives to the butterfly.  The metamorphosis is the one thing I always picture in my mind when I think about the changes that take place in us when we allow God in.
But this morning as I listened to her speak about grace, I just envisioned the caterpillar in the cocoon of the law, unable to move, to stretch, to spread it’s wings and fly.  Coming out from under the law represents our wings growing and once we begin to understand grace, we can finally spread our wings and begin to fly.
And this is what I thought of……………………
DSCF1339 (640x511)
Thank you so much for freeing me from the law and giving me wings so I could fly.  So I could be free to worship You and live my life in accordance to Your will Lord, instead of man’s.  And I thank my daughter for sharing this with me, she knew I needed it greatly and would appreciate it.
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