Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Uniqueness of God




As I began working on this rose, I knew that my goal was to make it unique somehow.  Which took me to the dictionary to confirm what I already knew about the meaning of the word, “unique”.

I got phrases such as, the only one of it’s kind, special, different from all others.  Of course all these phrases and definitions led me to the conclusion that God is definitely unique.  There are others who have gods that they worship, but there is only One God and He is Unique.

He is unique because He created something from nothing.  No other God has created an earth or a person, a plant or an animal.  Without God Almighty, there would be no other gods for people to worship, for He is the Creator of all things.  He gives us the freedom to choose Him or other things to worship.

He is loving.  He knows that our lives will be full of mistakes, so He gave us a Book and the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Neither of which He holds over our heads to constantly tell us how terrible we are or to threaten to take our heads off if we don’t follow every single word.  But to guide us in love and to show us the need for good and pure things in our lives like, forgiveness for our on sakes.

Think about how unique God’s Word is.  Two people can read the same verse and get two different meanings, two different applications to their individual lives.  Because it is written for us all and we are to work out our on salvation.  We are all at different places in our lives spiritually.

What other God came down from Heaven in human form, died a physical death and rose again, alive.  Only the One and Only, True and Living God could have ever accomplished such a transformation.  That transformation is unique.

How about drug addicts, criminals and others who are in the depths of despair.  God can pull them up out of the pit and change their lives forever.  And from evil, He brings something wonderful out of it all.  Unique.

God was, He is and He will be.  Not another thing or person on this earth can be all of that.  No one can deny, that is uniqueness!

So, I wanted my little flower, even though it seems so insignificant compared to God, to be unique.  Something for your eyes to behold, unlike anything you had ever seen.  Something that would make you stop and wonder what the meaning of it was.  It could say different things to different people.  God takes our lives and makes us beautiful on the inside and it helps us become beautiful on the outside through the helpful and caring deeds we do for others.  The swirly little designs on my flower represent the peaceful, happy inside that glows through the petals to make them even more beautiful than they are already.




I’d like to be a rose so beautiful and red,

and every day the sun would shine in my flower bed.

I’d like to be a rose that bud’s in the spring,

to stand up and pose for every living thing.

I’d like to be a witness so beautiful and fed,

and every day God’s love would shine from His Word’s I’d read.

I’d like to be an example for God, as the bird is when it sings,

to spread His love and hope and faith for every living thing.



And the tears?  They are tears of joy!