Tuesday, January 14, 2014

No More Bah-hum-bug Valentine’s Day




I know Valentine’s Day is approaching.  I try to stay in sinc with the special days coming up and gear my crafts toward them just in case I might possibly be able to sell something on my craft site.

Even though I didn’t want to think about Valentine’s Day, I felt I had to.  Valentine’s is about romance and love.  Only when my children were small did I have the privilege of experiencing love.

But now, I am experiencing life on my own, alone.  Sometimes I catch myself feeling sorry for “me”.  I hear people talking about what they are going to get their sweetheart for the special day coming up.  I see hearts everywhere advertising Valentine’s Day.  His and her this and her’s and his that.  I try to ignore it all, but it’s really not possible.  So yesterday I did a small craft and it said “I will always love you”.  But, I wasn’t impressed with it or what it said.

This morning I was trying to steer away from the theme, but it kept creeping in.  I found out why as I began pondering what I was going to put on this canvas.  All these “love” things kept popping into my head and my response was, no, no, no.  Then a song came on the radio…………………………….

Yes, there it is……………. “my heart is spoken for”.  Covered by His love divine, child of the risen Lord.

My heart is spoken for

I do have a Valentine.  My Valentine is my Comforter, my Love Divine, my God, my Heavenly Father, my Teacher, my Friend, my Tear Catcher, my Shoulder to lean on, my Counselor, my Creator, my King.  My Valentine is the greatest Valentine of all, He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, my Rock and my Savior.