Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Art: It’s a Business too!



                                             My business card



It’s kind of hard to believe that in the time I could have gotten an entire painting done or at least a good start on one all I did was design and lay out a business card, letterhead and write an artist statement.  Oh, I guess I should mention that I was also able to print them out, which was not an easy chore in itself.

I did not grow up with computers, but I think they are quite wonderful for those of us who are on the creative side, to be able to do things for ourselves.  If it wasn’t for computers and in home printers, well I would have had to take everything somewhere and possibly not have it for several days.  Even though it took me all day, I did finally accomplish the tasks.

I needed the letter head for the artist statement that I will have to have when I show my art.  I needed the business cards to hand out to possible customers and to those who buy art from me.  I have needed those for sometime, but I was too busy actually painting pictures to do any of the business side of this business of art.

Sometimes we do get too busy doing all the things we think we should be doing and only involve ourselves with the most enjoyable parts.  But God says in Luke 16:10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

So we are to place just as much importance on the tedious, small, mundane things and care for them as much as we do the larger, seemingly more important things.  That’s hard to do sometimes.

It seems to take just as much of our time to do those less enjoyable, tedious, important things that just don’t seem to add up so fast, that just don’t seem to make as much of a show and give that sense of accomplishment as it does those things that seem more important. 

But for one days work, I’ve got business cards that I can print out whenever I need them, they are saved on my computer; I’ve got a pretty decent artist statement that I can print and use whenever I need it.  And it’s done, and I am so glad.  Strangely, I AM experiencing a sense of accomplishment now that I think about it.

And here is my artist statement that goes with each one of my paintings that will be displayed:



I have lived in and moved away from Tennessee several times, but I always seem to come back to the inspiration of the rolling hills, blooming flowers and wildlife of this heavenly area of the world.

Art is my avenue to fight negativity. I thoroughly enjoy nature and the beauty God has given us through His creation. Trying to duplicate that beauty is a challenge I love to lose myself in. Painting on canvas brings much pleasure, but I find that painting on wood brings a more satisfying experience and finished piece. Old wood just seems to tell stories to me as I paint. If I could use old barn wood or fencing to paint on for the rest of my life, I’d be one happy artist.

During the years of single parenting, I managed to illustrate a children’s book, (“Scamper Squirrel Goes to Camp”), paint several portraits in pastel and was commissioned for pieces by individuals according to their specifications. I have also painted baptistery murals, and designed T-shirts as well as logos. All this was, at the time, just to help make ends meet. At present I am freely painting what I love and the beauty I see, hoping that it is beautiful to others as well.

I have learned to work in pastel, watercolor, pencil, acrylics, oils and colored pencil. I enjoy painting flowers and trees, landscapes, rustic subjects, wildlife, butterfly’s, still life, encouraging and happy pictures for children and the drama of the sky. I call it “art from the heart”.

Please visit my art page at www.facebook.com/southernskyartstudio where I regularly post my work. Or visit me on my blog at www.southernskyartstudio.blogspot.com to read about the inspiration behind each painting or illustration I complete. I hope you enjoy my art.

ARTIST: Teresa Haynes Johnson

TITLE OF PAINTING OR ILLUSTRATION_________________________________________________


SIZE_________________ MEDIA____________________ ____________________ _________________

PRICE ____________


There is my days work all on this page.  Hope you enjoyed it!