Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One Drawing In Several Stages Makes Marketing Sense

These days you have to be a bit smarter than I think I am capable of at times.  Eventually I get it, but it takes a while.  You may already know this, but I thought I would share my experience just in case there is someone out there as behind the times in technology as I am.

I discovered that if I stop at strategic spots while drawing that I can actually get more than one illustration to market.

Here's an example.  I started this drawing in pencil, then out lined it in black and continued with the black until I felt I had reached a point that this could actually be a finished black and white drawing.

I scanned the drawing and cleaned it up.  I then took it over to my store on Zazzle and created a product and of course added some words.  So I actually have more than one idea to use here already. I have a poster with my chosen words I placed on the illustration in the Zazzle program and I have a coffee cup with different words that can be customized by the customer.

In the second stage I added just a bit of color and found I had yet another marketable illustration.  So I scanned, cleaned and left it for later to use in much the same way I used the black and white rendering.

Continuing on with the illustration I finished it with several other colors, then scanned, cleaned and begin trying to use my brain to come up with several other ideas.

So from one drawing I had three marketable illustrations that I could place on products in my store to sell.  On top of that I have the original that I can sell after I finish up the center with whatever I decide to do.  I can actually put someone's name in it and give this one away if I like because it is already making money as three distinct illustrations.

But still, I'd just rather be drawing and painting.

And be sure to check out this great site for selling your drawing, it's called Sellfy.  Here's my store, Southern Sky Studio.  Open up your own store for free.

If you are interested you can take a look at some of the products I was able to create.  One product has all three stages of the illustration.  I also took the illustration and added some graphic touches for even more diversity.

This one was my favorite though.