Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art: Challenges




I began to think I had bit off more than I could chew,  I don’t know if I’m just tired of working on this or if I’m done.  At this moment, I would say, done!

This was a challenge for me from the start.  I had to practice patience.  Most of the time I like to work on things that produce results quickly or I lose interest.  But I thought this was worth it, so I continued on, struggling though, in fact, I almost put it aside.

This is my precious barn wood I have been wanting to get to try painting on for quite a long time now.  But I couldn’t just sit down and start painting on it, I found that out on the first day I tried.  If I wanted to use the rough side I had to prepare the surface first.  I had to make a special trip to get clear gesso.  After coat one, which is suppose to dry completely before coat two, I waited.  That night I put coat two on.  The next morning I sanded and put coat three on.  I waited till I couldn’t wait any longer and began painting.  It’s quite remarkable what a little patience will get you.  The surface was just like I needed it.  Still a bit rough, but still smooth enough for me to try it out.  The clear gesso didn’t affect the barn wood look to much, you can still feel and see the wood design behind my painting, which is what I wanted.

Being self taught, I struggle somewhat with just how to go about everything, so I thought since I put so much in preparing my canvas that I should probably give each step some extra thought.  Even though I can see things I’d like to change, I was pleased with the whole experience, except that it took me 2 and 1/2 days to complete the entire process.

Which made me think, can you imagine the patience that God has to have with each one of us.  But He loves us enough to keep on working with us.  Some of us (me in particular) take so many wrong turns before we ever get it!  One after the other, after the other.  I can imagine God rolling His eyes and shaking His head, but He doesn’t do that, He just loves us and continues spinning His potter’s wheel until we get it.

Thank you Lord for helping me with my lack of patience so I could complete this painting.  I was hoping that in someway  you might be glorified through this effort.  That would be the best thing ever.

See the steps this painting went through:


DSCF1779 (800x366)                          DSCF1781 (800x348)


DSCF1784 (800x358)                        DSCF1786 (800x348) 


                                             DSCF1787 (800x329)


Hope you like my painting on barn wood and thanks for visiting my page!