Monday, February 24, 2014

It’s the Simple Things




Now I know this might not excite you, but it excites me quite a bit.  I love to paint pictures, but I am just not to excited about painting on canvas.  So I thought maybe I would try wood.   I picked up some wood prepared for painting at the store and figured out that wood was definitely the thing I wanted to paint on.  But still, there was something that just didn’t satisfy me.  So I looked further. 

After putting out the word at work that I was looking for some weathered wood, a month or two  went by, several said they had some and would bring it to me, finally I had someone come through.  Now, I actually have real barn wood in hand and it’s like Christmas all over again for me.

Honestly, it felt like a gift from God.  And it is literally!  When painting on this wood that actually came from an old building of some sort, I think about all the years it’s been around, all the folks that have possibly handled it and now it’s mine to pass on to someone else.

Using this old wood as a canvas for my art is perfect.  God created this wood, He grew the tree, He formed the lines within the grain and it just puts me in the right frame of mind to start painting a scene of something He created, a beautiful landscape, a skyscape or seascape or flower.

It’s the simple things that God has given us all that seem to go on without notice that intrigues me.  Each small line in a grain of wood, all the different butterflies, the clouds in the sky, a puddle of water with little pebbles scrattered here and there, a gentle gust of wind out of nowhere on a windless day, a single flower standing up just a bit taller than the others.

Such simple, beautiful and miraculous wonders that speak of God’s Love for us.  Thank you Lord for showing me You love even me!  If we would just take the time to notice, He whispers to our hearts every moment of every day about how much He loves us.