Monday, February 17, 2014

When God Nudges–Don’t Hesitate


DSCF1774 (625x800)


This is an illustration I have wanted to do for several years.  I have started a couple of times and each time I went wrong with it somewhere and just never finished.  Last week I broke out the pencils and was successful with a drawing of my boots.  So I decided to try this again.

It has a special meaning to me.  It’s an illustration of a lesson God walked me through.

I seem to always be thinking, coming up with neat ideas, but up until this lesson I rarely ever acted on any of the ideas I had.  Course, I know that as many ideas as I have, it would be impossible to act on all of them, but this idea was different.

There was much tribulation in my home with my children.  My daughter and I were at odds.  Just so happens I was taking a class at church called “One Month to Live” based on a book written by Kerry and Chris Shook. It was hard to concentrate on the class with things at home like they were.  But this one particular night, we were talking about acting on the things you want to do.  After all what if you were told you only had one month to live?  But I’d always had some excuse for not acting on my ideas, not enough money, not enough time, they would think it was stupid and on and on.

The idea?  Send my daughter roses at school on Valentine’s Day and tell her I love her.  I almost backed out as I was driving home because I was afraid she would be laughed at by her friends when they found out the roses were from her mother, not a boyfriend.  But I did it anyway.  The next day at work I made the call, ordered the flowers and said thank you Lord for this idea and thank you Lord for helping me not to back out.

I received a thank you from my daughter and this story along with it.  At school that day the flowers were to arrive, others were being called to come to the office because they had been sent flowers.  My daughter made the comment to her friend that she wished someone would send her flowers. No one had ever sent her flowers.  Next person called, was my daughter.  I am sure that no one knew how significant that was to me, knowing that had it not been for my Lord, I would have backed out of that idea and completely missed that moment.  It meant so much to me and proved to me just how much He loves me and wants me to be happy.  I think our Father does this to all of us all the time.  He gives us ideas and wants us to follow His lead.  How many opportunities have you missed by not acting on an idea, an idea that God Himself probably placed in your heart and on your mind.

When God nudges, don’t hesitate, He loves you.