Thursday, April 10, 2014

Art: Lighten Up a Bit!




Tending to take things very seriously and getting into the details, this burlap canvas gives me the perfect base to lighten up a bit.

Seriously, there is not much way that I can see, that you can get involved with the details of what your painting.  I have tried to figure a way to get a little more detail in the petals of the flowers, the grass or even the trees, but thankfully I haven’t found it.

I’m glad I haven’t found it.  It gives me the ability to be more free and is teaching me to be a bit more loose with my pieces.  Which is something I am having to force myself to do, loosen up.

That also goes for other areas of my life.  I’m too serious.  I feel guilty when I laugh at something that is brought across in such a way to be funny, but it’s really a serious issue.

Can you picture Jesus laughing?  Surely He did.  Was He as serious as the master artist’s painted Him on canvas to be, all the time?  That’s the picture I see when I try to envision what He would do in a particular situation, that serious portrait of Him, that all of us in my generation grew up with.  I believe He did laugh and He enjoyed His Father’s creation.  I believe He laughed and smiled at the innocence of children.  And I can even see Him laughing at some of our mistakes and our lack of judgement in areas of our lives, that aren’t critical, but we think they are.

I have had to concentrate on loosing up and learning to enjoy life.  For so many years I was in a cult that taught, don’t, don’t, don’t.  But I have realized there are actually more do’s and more things to celebrate and be happy about, rather than constantly be looking over your shoulder afraid the devil (you know that little red thingy with horns and a pitch fork) was going to creep into your life somehow.

Loosen up, enjoy life, enjoy the creation that God made for us to enjoy.  That’s what I say to myself.  I’m sure there are others that have to tell themselves the same thing for one reason or another.

In Romans 8 it says, “…. to be spiritually minded is life and peace”.

Have a wonderful and creative day!