Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Art: On the Other Side




This little piece is 5 3/4” H by 20” W, acrylic on barn wood.  I looked through several magazines looking for just the right ideas.  When I finally got tired of looking through all the pictures, I just kind of started with the green.  Then I went to the sky, the tree far in the field and then the fence.  So, apparently I picked up the ideas as I was looking through the photographs.  I knew what I wanted to do in the fore ground, everything else was a guessing game.  I just wanted flowers.

I am so happy God created such beautiful things in nature, if He hadn’t of created all these wonderful things, I’d have nothing to paint.  It seems that is all I like is flowers, butterflies, trees, the sky especially, animals, water….. all things nature.  And how can you go wrong with such beautiful subjects to paint from.

This particular piece of wood I’m told, did not come from a barn, but it came from a fence.  It’s nice wood.  Ricky Pardon gave it to me after he planed it.  It comes from here in Tennessee somewhere.  I’d like to know when it was built and exactly what it fenced in or out.  I’ve asked for that information, but hadn’t got it yet.

Have a wonderfully creative day!