Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Art: The Iris (Too Beautiful For This World)




One of the most beautiful flowers I see is the Iris.  There are several different kinds, I’ve noticed some of the blooms don’t stand very tall and seem as if they are kind of flat.  I had been looking for one that was spread out, yet still had a petal or two standing up high.  When I stumbled upon a photo of this one, it was exactly what I wanted to paint by.

Unfortunately, this beautiful flower, is just TOO beautiful for this world.  The bloom doesn’t stay around very long at all.  It reminds me of some people that have left this earth too soon.  By whatever means they traveled away from us, I think they are in a place that is peaceful, filled with beauty and calm, love and compassion.  Like the bloom of an Iris, their time with us was cut short.  Too, beautiful for this world.

This painting was achieved with acrylic craft paint.  For the bloom I used:

Apple Barrel:  Lilac Mist, Wild Iris, Petunia Purple and White

For the foliage I used:

Apple Barrel:  Lime Tree, Vineyard Green and White

Americana:  Pistachio Mint

To prepare the wood, just coat with gesso and allow to dry, lightly sand. Apply another coat of gesso and allow to dry, then paint away.  When you have finished with your masterpiece, if you’d like a rustic look, lightly sand the entire surface.

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