Monday, November 2, 2015

Paint With Black, White and Gray

Even if all you have is black, white and gray paint, you can still paint anything you like.  I'm going to be experimenting with this technique a bit more, but I really did enjoy keeping it simple.  This painting is on canvas and painted with acrylic craft paint, black, white and gray.

There are some touches with watercolor pencil.  Three shades to be exact, French Green and Staedtler #50 another green. Then add Staedtler #30, a blue touch for the rain and droplets.

After lightly penciling in the flowers and stems, I just began my background with black, gradually working up the canvas adding a touch of white as I moved upward and gray.

This was my first attempt at raindrops, so I Googled them, studied them and tried it.  Yes, I was afraid of failing, but now I've actually got something to build on for the next time I try.  They are not the greatest, but they will do in a pinch.

I enjoy the look of lead pencil and the act of shading.  This worked much like it, just a different look.

You should try it.  If this becomes your palette think of the space you would save in the studio.

On dreary days as it's pouring or drizzling rain, it seems my mind will always turn to flowers and especially sunshine or light.  Even on these kinds of days God can help us turn our minds to happy, positive visions and thoughts.

God gives us His light to see us through, even on days like these.