Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Art: Yellow Roses on Barn Wood


I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, canvases and medium for a couple of years now.  Right from the start, wood seemed to be my favorite.  There’s just something about a more simple, down to earth approach that gives me a great deal more freedom in the creative process.  I admit, it’s not for everyone and it does have limitations in the marketing process.  But I would trade all that any day for the freedom to play with my ideas and step out of the traditional circle.

Barn wood has history behind it, which is just a thrill for me.  To think that at one time these pieces of wood were a part of a farm where cows got milked or tractors were parked, horses spent the night and had their foals or maybe even pigs or chickens lived, has so much more meaning to me than a piece of traditional canvas.

It’s sad that these beautiful buildings are being torn down.  But since they are why not use them.  I see people doing all kinds of creative things with the wood from barns.  There is just so much character in the wood.  I am hoping that I can keep painting on this wood for the rest of my days.  If not, I think I will still paint on wood of some sort.

I am finally finding myself as an artist.  I know I still have quite a bit to learn and am so thankful that God has given me the desire to create.  I hope that through my art someone might take a moment to reflect on the beauty of His world He created for us to enjoy and admire and thank Him.